CTC was pleased to welcome Chris Turley, President, Turley Architects, as the featured speaker at our October Friday Forum.

Chris is an architect, builder, professor, and entrepreneur who is committed to transforming people’s lives by guiding them toward their own inspiring vision of the future and then creating spaces that pull them into that future. He has designed several homes for adults with disabilities and uses a unique process to develop effective solutions to challenging problems.

Every person, rich or poor, deserves a shelter for the soul.” Sam Mockbee

Chris spoke about a recent renovation project in the northern suburbs. This project was noteworthy in its intense focus on the specific and considerable needs of its initial occupant, Tommy, a young man profoundly affected by autism.

Chris discussed Tommy’s unique challenges (sensory issues, repetitive actions, attacking materials, and more) as well as some common project misconceptions (the problems are unsolvable, the cost will be too high, my house can’t be used, etc.). Using a collaborative and committed team, clever solutions were developed using many off-the-shelf materials.

The finished home design puts Tommy’s need at the forefront by eliminating glare, removing outlets, and using softwalls for acoustic and protective purposes. Chris even created a “track” within the house which allows Tommy to pace, designed a fantastic quiet room, and converted the master bath into a one-person “water park” to meet his sensory needs.

Video from this event can be accessed at https://youtu.be/YS0x0dHONb4 and a copy of the PowerPoint is available upon request. You can also learn more about Turley Architects by visiting http://www.turleyarchitects.com/. In addition, we will be touring “Tommy’s House” on March 21, 2018, as part of our Informational Tour calendar of events.

Educational Outreach events are offered in partnership with the Northwest Suburban Special Education Organization (NSSEO) and are paid for in part by a grant from Palatine Township. Thank you for your support!


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